The Fiberglass wall structure with smooth rounded edges ensures horses cannot be cut or become entangled in any part. Wall height is designed to make the horse feel comfortable in the contained space without feeling claustrophobic or stressed, reducing the risk of panic. The overflow grate provides platform access at the horse's level if Trainer/Handler needs to get to a horse quickly.

Angled Ramps

With rebated gate bay and rubber covered walls for safe handling. The ramp angle ensures the horse is always moving in one direction on entering and exiting the pool to reduce the risk of the horse becoming unsettled or making contact with the sides. This feature also speeds up operating time.

Unique Baffle System

For reducing the whirlpool flow in combination with the overflow system which acts as a flume for reducing the whirlpool close as possible to neutral resistance and ensuring the horse is worked harder for a shorter period of time. The shorter time in the pool avoids the negative effects arising form extended time in the water as well as increasing the number of horses that can be trained in the pool per day.


Due to the large amount of effluent and solids produced during use by the horses the AQUATRAINERŽ has a specially designed filtration system that not only ensures the highest clarity chlorine free water but also makes the maintenance of the pool quick and easy reducing labour costs significantly over a period of time.

Overflow System

The solids produced by the horse flow quickly over the spill way and into a specialized tank which extracts the solids from the pool water before the water goes through the filtration system. This means less waste building up and blocking the filters.

Self-Cleaning System

The centre of the pool has a self cleaning system consisting of flat directional jets pushing the waste into a centre drain. Here the solids are pumped separately into the specialized tank reducing the need to regular vacuuming of the pool. Again reducing labour costs significantly.

Durable Rubber Flooring

The rubber flooring fitted in the AQUATRAINERŽ is a very durable non-slip rubber that gives the horse a sure footed surface while the horse is in training and comes with a 5 year underwater warranty.

Six Horse Walker

The unique monorail system with free hanging mesh dividers offers flexibility in variable speed with forward, reverse and direct stop. This unique design not only provides ease of operation but offers a clear, open view pool with less clutter to cause the horse to become unsettled and always keeps the horse in clear view of the Trainer or handler.