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Why should I choose a WaterJet Pool?

  1. Quality and reliability. Pools now operating in 10 countries.
  2. Unlimited range of shape and sizes.
  3. Custom designed to suit individual requirements.
  4. Ease of maintenance, all pools designed with 100% turn over of water and filtration.
  5. Sanitation proven technology.
  6. Choice of pool copings.
  7. Interior finish Nylex Aquilux, which has the following advantages over other pool interior finishes:
    1. Easy to clean and maintain
    2. Inbuilt algae inhibitor
    3. Protection against staining
    4. Protection against UV
    5. Most pleasant swimming experience available
    6. Guaranteed to last
  8. The interior finish is easily installed and restored.

What is a WaterJet Pool?

A WaterJet Pool is a modular pool system, which when installed gives all the advantages of a conventional pool without the risks. A WaterJet Pool is not structural and the Aqualux internal finish is flexible, so will not leak even if there is any ground or building movement. This makes it an ideal pool system to construct on or in a building.

Click here to see how a Fibreglass Pool is constructed.

What does a WaterJet Pool consist of?

  1. Fibreglass wall panels engineered and factory fabrication to withstand both the pressure and weights of water in the pool and soil outside.
  2. Concrete floor and bond beam at base of panel.
  3. Aqualux interior finish.

How is the WaterJet Pool constructed?

1. Excavation takes place, same as for any type of in-ground pool, but allowing for the deep end excavation to suit pool requirements.

2. After levelling and trimming of excavation, (Fig A) the fibreglass panels are bolted together to form the wall of the pool. At each panel a 3mm galvanised 'A' frame is fixed.

3. The panel wall is now ready to be made level and plumb before a concrete bond beam is poured under the wall panel, along the base of the panel and around the 'A' frames (Fig B).

4. After installing the under slab plumbing, the concrete floor is poured and steel trowelled to a smooth finish.

5. At this stage all plumbing and electrical fittings are installed in pool and pipe work taken to plant room position. Pool is now ready for backfilling to take place.

6. A purpose made clip to hold liner is fixed to top of panels (Fig C)

7. The pool surround area is completed (Fig D) including installation of plant room equipment, the pool is now ready to have liner installed and be filled with water.

Click here to see a diagram of how a Fibreglass Pool is constructed.

Where can the WaterJet Pool be installed?

The versatile nature of the WaterJet Pool system means a pool can be designed and built to suit any location and requirement.

The versatile nature of the WaterJet Pool system means a pool can be designed and built to suit any location.
  • Fully Inground
  • Partially Inground
  • Fully above ground
  • Building roof top
  • Building mezzanine floor
  • Building basement
  • On level ground
  • On sloping ground

Are there restrictions to shape or size of a WaterJet Pool?

Again the versatile nature of the WaterJet Pool system allows almost any shape or size pool to be constructed, from the smallest rooftop to a full Olympic size. From rectangular to free form.

Aqualux™ pool interior is developed and manufactured by Nylex in Australia - especially for our lifestyle and conditions, and is in use in more than 20,000 inground pools around the country.

Nylex Aqualux™ won't chip, crack or flake and is the toughest flexible pool surface finish product on today's market. Its new sanitized™ multi layer construction incorporates unique lacquer finishes that protect against harmful chemicals and UV rays and resist algae and fungal growth.

Click here to see the multilayer print construction of your Fibreglass Pool.


Specialist installers of WaterJet distributors provide a great result for both new and resurfaced inground pools. Warranted for 5 years. Nylex Aqualux™ is silky smooth and cares for your family by creating the softest flexible pool interior available.

Examples of the FIBREGLASS POOLS for pool heating:
(Click to enlarge)

With a choice of stunning colours, Aqualux™ creates the ultimate pool interior with a luxury finish.

Click here to see the range of lining styles available for your FibreglassPool.

Colours and patterns may change, contact WaterJet for latest patterns and colours.

Colours and patterns displayed in this leaflet are printed as closely as the printing process allows and may vary.

To be sure of the full decorative effect, please check actual samples.