The WaterJet AQUATRAINERŽ is not only efficiently functional and safe but is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye

One major advantage with the WaterJet AQUATRAINER® is that once site works are complete, the time from delivery to installation and commissioning is possible within 4 weeks.

WaterJet Corporation Pty Ltd has worked very closely with a number of trainers throughout the research and development phase of the pool design to ensure every consideration has been to cater to the horses well being.
Training Complex at Talwood Park Racing, Wittlsea Victoria Australia         

WaterJet prides itself on the reputation of always offering back-up service and support if required to ensure the customer's total satisfaction.

WaterJet AQUATRAINERŽ is sanitized with the latest chlorine free technology developed in Australia. This feature is based on recent studies that have highlighted the detrimental effects that chlorine and other toxins have on the health of humans and animals. This technology also improves the efficiency of training as there is no need to wash the horse down after as session in fresh water.