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  • The Aquabrite System is a unique, simple, non-chlorine disinfection system.
  • There are approximately 10,000 to 12,000 pools that use the system in Australia and overseas, including the USA, UK, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea and New Zealand.
  • It is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to properly sanitise pool and spa water.
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SC Series
WaterJet Series C-600 Dosing Pump
The C-600 is designed to inject chemicals into piping systems. All models are equipped with a top mounted mechanical flow rate adjustment knob. Optional on/off cycling timers are available.
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SW Series
E Series Systems
E-Series systems comprise a digital electronic regulated power supply to control an electrolytic cell & utilise low levels of common salt (less than half as salty as a human tear drop) to sanitise the pool
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The DM52 is a unit designed specifically for the domestic pool and spa owner. This is the smallest
model and is built to withstand wide variations in water condition, climate and environments.
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We are very proud to announce the release of our new environmentally friendly product EcoClearT within our range. EcoClearT is made from 100% recycled fused silicon dioxide and acts as a healthier alternative to silica sand and zeolite.

home | swimming pool equipment | pool sanitisation